Sexually transmitted diseases are becoming more and more prevalent in our society. Conditions like gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, herpes, and genital warts are just some of the nasty consequences of unprotected sexual contact.

Exposure to these diseases means that people have to get tested to see if they have been infected. While that might seem easy enough, testing leaves people open to financial hardship, being stigmatized, and then the obvious inconvenience.

Advancements in medical technology, however, make it so people no longer have to do this. They can do at home testing for gonorrhea using USAhometest.

What is Gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection that can be transmitted through sexual contact with a partner. It is one of the most common STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) especially among people in their early 20s and teenagers.

It is spread through the genitals or by having oral sex. It can potentially infect the vagina, penis, anus, urethra, penis, throat and in rare cases the eyes. Many people who have gonorrhea do not even know they have it because symptoms often do not surface right away if at all. Gonorrhea is completely curable with antibiotics however if it is not treated right away it can cause other health issues.

Gonorrhea Testing with USAhometest

USAhometest has been providing at home STD testing since 2008. Their test kits are home certified and doctor recommended. Gonorrhea at home test kit requires just a few drops of blood from a finger prick or a urine sample. A small sample of saliva can also be tested. The accuracy of their testing is unmatched and one of the leading at home tests in the industry.

Benefits of USAhometest

When you think you might have a sexually transmitted disease, the first step is to get yourself tested so your doctor can develop a treatment plan. For many people, that means making a doctor appointment.

The issue with the medical system these days is that even if you have insurance, setting an appointment with a doctor can take weeks before you see someone. After you arrive at your appointment, hospital or clinic administrators want you to fill out endless amounts of pointless paperwork.

You may also have to do other tests at your doctor that may or may not be useful for your main purpose of being there which is to get tested for STDs. All of this time spent, extra tests were done, and even the primary test add up to huge bills. If you do not have insurance, you could be left on the hook for thousands of dollars.

If you do have insurance, you may still be on the hook for large deductibles which is far more than the cost of the at home STD test from USAhometest.

Another issue with making your appointment with a medical provider is that you have to take the time to actually visit the provider. This means you will have to take at least a portion of the day off of work and potentially lose pay. That’s even more money that it is costing you to go get an overpriced test from a medical provider.

Not to mention you also have to pay for your transportation to get to the doctor’s office along with all the inconvenience that goes along with commuting there.

The Discretion of USAhometest

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of doing an at home STD test is the discretion it offers people. When you have a test done at a doctor’s office, you have to see other people and disclose personal information. If you have your test done at a clinic known for STD testing you have to worry about who is seeing you go there.

An at-home test can be done in the privacy of your own home where no one has to know you are doing it. You can mail your samples in and get the results back in just a handful of days. The benefits of this peace of mind are hard to quantify mostly because the benefits are immeasurable. People do not want to be seen getting tested for gonorrhea.


STDs are not just a personal issue for those infected. They are a public health crisis. More and more people every day are diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases and millions more are walking around not even knowing that they have one. This creates an incredibly dangerous scenario for people who have multiple sexual partners.

The best way to protect yourself from a sexually transmitted disease is to use a condom when having sex with a partner. You should also do regularly at home testing if you have sex with multiple partners on a regular basis. This is the only sure-fire way to catch a disease in its early stages and get treatment for yourself.

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