Gonorrhea is the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD) after Chlamydia. It affects both men and women. Infants and even unborn babies are at risk of contracting this infection. Anyone can become infected with this infection but individuals who are sexually active with multiple partners are at greater risk. A big problem is that you may not notice any symptoms of it for a long period of time even when you are infected with it.

The only way to know whether you are infected by its bacteria is to get yourself tested. It is not necessary to visit a clinic or lab for this purpose. Now you can use a gonorrhea home testing kit to test yourself in the privacy of your home.

Types Of Test Kits For Gonorrhea

There are several types of home testing kits available for this purpose. The ONLY ones that we recommend are those where you collect your sample and either:
1) Send the sample back to a registered laboratory for processing or
2) take your sample to a participating walk-in lab for processing.

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A Word About Instant Results KitsMyLAB Box ReviewEverlyWell ReviewAbout Your Results
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We know that many people are anxious about this, and want “instant results.
Ans, you may see kits advertised to include all items you need to test yourself at home and see the result at home. But there is something that you need to know:


Other than HIV “instant kits”, the other “instant” STD test kits that you may see online are NOT approved by the FDA and are not legal to sell here in the United States. Because it’s a free country, you can research such kits; however, you will not have any idea whether test kits like that are accurate.

We prefer to recommend trustworthy sources for home kits and are proud to promote MyLAB Box as well as EverlyWell and LetsGetChecked – because these are the only three that we have been able to verify using certified and accredited facilities. As we continue researching options for you, if other companies offering a valid service are brought to our attention, we will share them with you here.

In the case of MyLAB Box, EverlyWell and LetsGetChecked, your privacy is assured and you will receive professionally reviewed results via a secure portal.

Let’s begin with MyLAB Box, probably one of the best known home testing kits on the market today.

Gonorrhea Home Test Type: MyLAB Box

The first type of gonorrhea home testing kit is by MyLAB Box, and is simple to use. You may have heard of MyLAB Box since they offer a number of different tests; however, today we are concerned about getting tested for gonorrhea – especially since gonorrhea is the 4th most common sexually transmitted infection these days.

In the case of MyLAB Box, the gonorrhea home test is actually a combination test that is coupled with chlamydia testing. In this case, it uses a urine sample, and tests for the presence of neisseria gonorrhea bacterium. Everything you need for home gonorrhea testing is included in this kit, including the postage paid mailer to return the kit for processing at the lab. No additional or special items are needed for this purpose – Simply choose whether you are buying the kit for female use or male use.

The home kit is registered and approved. In fact, this system is used even in medical settings like clinics, hospitals, and test centers. Such a test kit has been clinically confirmed for testing gonorrhea. Its sensitivity rate is quite high at 99.9%. The product comes with detailed instructions, and of course customer support is available. MyLAB Box knows how sensitive this is, and therefore the test kit is shipped to you in discreet and anonymous packaging. You will receive 24/7 online support.

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Now let’s look at the kits offered by EverlyWell.

Second Type Of Home Testing For Gonorrhea: EverlyWell

The second type of gonorrhea home testing kit is offered by EverlyWell, a company that was featured on the popular entrepreneur television show, Shark Tank. Like MyLAB Box, EverlyWell is a service that also delivers their kits via mail. In this case, you order and buy the STD home test kit on their website. It includes the container to collect the bodily specimen, a prepaid envelope to send the sample to the lab, and instruction manual. Once you receive this kit, use the provided container to collect your urine specimen as instructed. Put the packed container in the given prepaid mailer and mail this package to the lab.

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EveryWell’s kit has a barcode that you register at the website to track your results. You will check the test result online at the website. This ensures complete privacy of your personal information. Your personal details are not connected to your test sample. All your personal information remains confidential at all times.

Check out our full EverlyWell review HERE to learn more.

With both MyLAB Box and EverlyWell, the laboratory complies with medical standards of FDA and other medical bodies. You receive the gonorrhea test result from the comfort and privacy of your home. The test kit arrives at your address in a non-descriptive envelope. Read the instruction manual carefully to learn how to collect your bodily specimen. Once you have collected the sample, simply send it to the lab by mail. You can choose to receive the result by e-mail notification or a text message. The report is sent to you in simple language so you will face no problem in understanding the data and information provided in it. The lab may also include information on some resources for taking the next steps. You will receive highly accurate gonorrhea test result from a certified laboratory.

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Ok, so you have purchased your test, collected your sample and sent it in to the lab. Now what?

Results Of Your Gonorrhea Testing

Both these gonorrhea home testing kits are safe and easy to use. Whether you choose MyLAB Box, EverlyWell, or LetsGetChecked, these systems will provide you an accurate result. If your test result is positive, you should consult a physician immediately and abstain from sexual activity until your system is clear of the infection. Your partner should also get tested. Remember: Gonorrhea is definitely a curable infection. It can be treated with simple medication. However, it is important to get the treatment as early as possible. There is absolutely no reason to put it off.

Consultation Available

Please also note that when it comes to the “what next” phase, we have found that MyLAB Box is especially proactive. They don’t just give you your results and say goodbye. They offer a physician and/or STD expert consultation. In the case of MyLAB Box, you can get this consultation on the same day.

LetsGetChecked also offers physician consultation and explains options for treatment.

If you delay the treatment, the infection will develop to a level where it can become difficult to treat it. You may suffer other medical and health problems. If you test positive, it is necessary to get your partner tested as well. Keep in mind that you should test yourself for gonorrhea after 3-6 days of exposure to this infection. If you think you may have contracted this infection, you should wait for this much time before getting yourself tested at home or in a lab.

A home test can be useful if you are seeing symptoms of gonorrhea. If the result is positive, you can go for more comprehensive diagnosis by a physician. Men usually see gonorrhea symptoms like swelling of the testicles, yellowish discharge from the penis, burning sensation while urinating, and swelling around the penis opening. Women notice symptoms like burning sensation while urinating, unusual vaginal discharge, bleeding between periods, painful periods, burning or itching around the vagina, and pain in the pelvis or lower abdomen area. You may have gonorrhea infection if you see any such symptoms. Order a gonorrhea home testing kit to test yourself.

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